Our Dogs & Their Litters...


As well as looking after our clients’ dogs, we have six of our own: four German Shepherds and two Chocolate Labradors. They all live in the house with us and are family pets. We breed top quality pups!

We started breeding some six years ago with Zeta, our oldest German Shepherd and mother of Saffie. We are family breeders, our dogs only have a couple of special litters each year, it is not part of our business. All of our pups have been born into a family environment and are used to house situations and noises, so they socialise very quickly.

We choose our Stud Dogs very carefully and so far, for our German Shepherd lines, we have used dogs from the renowned Rockforce GSD Stud, who are based very close to us here in Cheshire. We have bred show dogs, working dogs, but most of all, we have bred faithful companions.

Our Blog will keep you informed as to our future plans for litters, but you can Contact Us at any time for more information.

We keep these pages constantly updated with news of our dogs and any litters that they may have had. Please come back and see them!


Hip Score  3:2 = 5

A dark coloured, straight backed, heavy coat girl, Ruby is aged four and is so full of fun and very energetic, she leaves the rest of the pack standing. She comes from agility lines and it shows.

Her temperament is amazing, she loves everyone and is quite happy for everybody to come and see her pups.

She is a very much loved member of our family.

See below her litter!

Rubys Litter
Latest News: Sunday, February 17 2014 - Just two babies left - one boy and one girl - both chunky and very strong cuddly bundles! Ruby has such a gentle and kind nature and this is her third litter.

Ruby was mated to Buzz from the famous Rockforce stud and on Sunday, January 13, she gave birth to 6 chunky puppies. There are 3 girls and 3 boys and they will all be heavy to long coat, dark black and tan.

Ruby lives with us in rural Dunham Massey, Cheshire, close to Manchester Airport and the motorway networks.To learn more about the litter, please contact us.

And we mustn't forget about the proud dad - Buzz.

 Look at him. What a really majestic beast he is! 

Click here to read more about Buzz...

And here's the two pups at play - what a lovely day to be out and exploring the farm! They can't wait to meet you!
Buzz & Rubys Puppies


Hip Score  11:12 = 23

Saffie is very loveable five year old. She will sit and wait patiently for Alan to take her out. She loves people and always wants to please in everything she does. Saffie adores being with the family and is always there at your side. Her best friend is Kenny the cat, she can’t wait to find him in the morning to play. She was a fabulous mum to her pups and we can’t wait for her next litter.

Saffie’s Mum, Zeta also lives with us. She is now retired, after having produced 45 pups in her four litters. The leader of the pack, Zeta keeps them all in order, even Baxter.

She has passed on her gentle nature to her daughter, Saffie. Zeta has been with us since she was two and, as soon as she is introduced to someone new, she rolls on her back for a tickle!

Rubys Litter
Buzz & Rubys Puppies


Hip Score  8:6 = 14

Duffy is a three year old, typical barmy Chocolate Lab with a heart of gold. We have never heard this dog growl as yet. She would eat us out of house and home given the chance and is permanently on a diet.

She is a real favourite on the yard and pulls very indignant faces when she is put in her pen whilst we are working.

Read below about her pup Mabel!

Rubys Litter

She has had one litter of ten pups in 2010 -  very chubby chocolate pups. We loved them so much that we kept one - Mabel.

She will be ready to have another lovely litter soon so, keep looking at Our Blog for more news.

Buzz & Rubys Puppies


Hip Score - will be confirmed in 2012

Mabel is Duffy’s daughter and don’t we know it!!! She is from Duffy’s first litter in 2010 and is just one year old.

She is really full of beans and loves everybody. She will go for a walk with anyone who waves a lead.

Her best friend in the pack is Ruby, but she also loves Baxter our male Shepherd and you can often find the two of them lying in a stable together.

Rubys Litter

Mabel will have her first litter in late 2012 so, keep checking Our Blog for more details or drop us a line on our Contact Us form.

Buzz & Rubys Puppies